GNATbench – Ada Plug-in for Eclipse

AdaCore has developed an Ada plug-in for Eclipse. The GNATbench Ada plug-in for Eclipse includes sophisticated development capabilities for all versions of Ada: Ada 83, Ada 95, Ada 2005, and Ada 2012. Key features include:

Ada Language-Sensitive Editor

The editor is tailored for development using the Ada programming language. It features a number of capabilities including Code Assist, syntax coloring, parentheses highlighting, block folding, automatic indentation and automatic casing.

Code Browsing

The editor provides a code browsing capability to facilitate program comprehension and development. You can traverse the code by treating any name as a hyperlink. A more global approach involves selecting a given entity so that all its references are displayed in a search results window. Selecting one of these references then takes you to the corresponding file.

Outline View

The Ada plug-in offers a high-level view of the code to facilitate program comprehension and development. The Outline view presents a hierarchy of entity declarations in the file and annotates the presentation with indicators of entity visibility. Selecting an entry of the outline will take you to the corresponding location in the source file.

Integrated Builder

The Builder provides compilation for individual Ada files as well as entire systems. Warnings and errors are displayed in the Problems view and are traversable in standard fashion. GNAT project files are fully supported.

Ada Project Explorer

The Ada Project Explorer provides a language-specific view of the Eclipse project, showing Ada source files and their directories and omitting Eclipse-specific items (such as .project files). Navigation and code browsing are also included, similar to the Outline view.

Latest Libre site release

GNATbench can be downloaded as part of the GNAT GPL Edition.

For more information on GNATbench, please visit: